Saturday, August 25, 2012

Medical Tourism Nightmare Unfolds, Patient Suffers Lifetime Pain

Medical tourism is today a popular way of getting affordable healthcare services. Almost all healthcare services are available through medical tourism. One special report on the rising trend of medical tourism has caused one of the recipients of this service to come up and share her horrifying experience.

An American lady from Palm Coast has shared how she constantly lives in pain because of a dental implant she has in Costa Rica. She intimates her experience to warn others of the possible risks in medical tourism. No matter how remote her case may be, it is worth discussing and bearing in mind in making the decision to go for medical tourism.

Helen’s Hyjek main desire was to have a perfect and beautiful smile. Her medical tourism trip to Costa Rica achieved her desire. However she feels that having a perfect smile is not worth all the pain she is presently going through.

Just as the estimated 100 million Americans, she does not have a medical insurance. To be able to afford her dental procedure she opted to have it done in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has been extremely aggressive in promoting medical tourism and she thought this was the perfect choice. She was able to have her upper and lower dental implants done at a cost 30% cheaper than if she opted to have them done in America.
She was right. It was indeed cheaper to have her dental implants done in Costa Rica. Just like as estimated 750,000 Americans who avail of medical tourism for cheaper procedures or have procedures that are not yet approved in America, Helen was optimistic her medical tourism decision would turn out just fine.

Dr. Aaron Lieberman, a professor of health services at the University of Central Florida intimates that while medical tourism will be a permanent part of the medical landscape, there are a lot of risks involved for dental procedures. While medical mistakes do happen in the U.S. too, there is little or no legal option to take if you have them done abroad.

Although Helen did her homework and conducted extensive research on the dental procedure she wanted done, she still up to the present suffers from tremendous pain. She went back to the dentist who did her implants to have them fixed about three times but still she has to contend with the continuous pain.

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