Hospital do Coracao - A Haven for Healing

When problems with connection to health of a person arises, it is a very important thing that an outstanding hospital is within reach where patients will feel secure, safe and cared for in a very special way. One health care institution that can give people comfort and peace of mind is the Hospital do Coracao. The “Hospital for the Heart” is a safe haven for everyone seeking for excellent health care.

What are the services offered at Hospital do Coracao?

Hospital do Coracao, located in Sao Paulo Brazil, started as a hospital which aims to lend a helping hand when it comes to cardiac health care to the less fortunate children. From being one of Latin America’s most distinguished institutions for treatments of cardiovascular diseases, Hospital do Coracao has already expanded its expertise. The hospital is now also involved in services such as diagnostic imaging, neurology, orthopedics and sports medicine among others.

What are Hospital do Coracao’s medical specialties?

From its original goal to help less fortunate kids in cardiovascular health issues to becoming an institute attending to patients in need of other types of medical attention, Hospital do Coracao is known for its world class special services dealing in several health issues. Some of the hospital’s specialties are as follows:

Knee Institute – Hospital do Coracao’s Knee Institute takes pride in the treatment of knee-related damages and diseases and its continuous innovations and researches that aim to an even better service for patients suffering from knee problems.

Spine Center – Hospital do Coracao’s Spine Center offers a top-of-the-line technology that makes medication for spine-related damages better for patients. It has cutting edge imaging methods that makes diagnosis more accurate. The Spine Center’s Medical Second Opinion service even adds to the excellence of the hospital.

Obesity Center – A lot of people in different spots of the world suffer from obesity which is a root for more life-threatening diseases. Hospitaldo Caracao aims to help people suffering from obesity through its Obesity Center. The center has the latest technology, cream of the crop rehabilitation and nutritional counseling programs and offers surgeries.

Aside from those mentioned above, Hospital do Coracao’s other specialties are: Arrhythmia Services, Reproductive Medicine Center, Metabolic Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, Sport Check-up, Clinic Check-up, Blood Bank, Neurologic Check-up, Rehabilitation Center, Anti-Smoking Full Program, Sleep Medicine Center and the HCor Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Sports Center.

Why Try Hospital do Coracao

Many people from all over the world suffer and experience different health problems and issues. Some of them can afford high quality medical services and some are not that fortunate to be able to seek proper medical attention. Hospital do Coracao is one of the health institutes in the planet that can be a safe haven for patients who wants top-of-the-line services. With its expertise in many fields of medicine, cutting edge devices and its dedicated staff, Hospital do Coracao is one of the best places to go when one is looking for excellent health care.

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