Sunday, April 7, 2013

10 Things Germany Medical Travel: What You Need Before Packing Up

Medical travel to Germany has been favored of the country, having twice as many hospitals than US per 1000 citizens.

Medical tours, to begin with, have been gaining popularity due to affordability. For example, many in the US and UK have made medical tours to other countries like Germany for its advanced medical technology as well as less waiting time. This has made medical tourism in Germany one of the most sought-after in Europe and even being considered as the “Hospital of Europe”.

Traveling for Germany Medical Tourism?

If you are thinking it  necessary to bring a family member or even yourself to a hospital outside your country for better treatment, you can a medical travel to a hospital of your preference in Germany.

Now, for a medical travel to Germany, like any other medical related trips one needs to know what to do to get admitted in the hospital and  what the process to a hassle-free journey is. There are organizing of  travel papers which include hospital requirements and contracts, and  concern of  how to get to the hospital from the airport. Here are 10 things to know for a hassle free medical travel to Germany.

Tips for Germany Medical Tourism

  1. Go to the website of the hospital you are intending to be treated at and fill up the form they provide there. It is an initial admittance form which the hospital will use to begin their contact with you.
  2. The hospital will require you  to send all your case study history through fax or email through which they will be able to calculate and inform you about the preliminary treatment costs.
  3. Then you will be sent the agreement and an invoice of the treatment cost which will include everything from transportation to lodging.
  4. Often a hospital with overseas patients coming for a medical treatment require payment within 5 days after contractual agreement has been signed.
  5. After payment you will be sent an offer for examination and treatment in their hospital.
  6. The offer needs to be with your visa application papers when you are applying for a medical travel visa to Germany.
  7. Most of the time hospitals can get your visa registration done by their representatives but if you don’t find it mentioned, ask about it.
  8. Inform them about your arrival time, date, flight and gate or terminal number.
  9. They will be present to pick you up from the airport and transport you to hospital grounds.
  10.  Remember to save their telephone, cell phone and fax number before packing up.

Going through the 10 necessary process for your medical travel  to Germany you will able to have a lesser hassle and  worrisome time when you are in the embassy for an interview and during the immigration paper check at the airport. With many of Germany’s hospitals catering to medical tourists with a satisfactory feedback from their clients, it is very likely that you will be able to find a hospital offering the treatment you are looking for after a quick search in any well known search machine.

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