Saturday, May 30, 2015

Medical tourism: On the subject of liability implications

In no doubt, medical tourism is comparatively fast developing industry as per testified by numerous websites out there. On the other hand, along with its fast-growing industry, are the issues concerning legal responsibility, otherwise, the subject of liability.

At present time, a lot of people who seek medical tourism, or the so called medical tourist are not insured or in some cases under insured as they entered the procedure of tourism treatment, as a result, disorder may perchance arise by the time a particular treatment did not meet its objective or worst, failure to give a successful operation. Thus, liability implications on problems put into picture.

A number of the most direct adversary with the idea of medical tourism is the attorneys, for the reason that the said inclination may lead to a possible risk of their relevance.
This article will make you be familiar to the legal issues this medical tourism has been facing since then. Below are just some basic and regular inferences.

·         By the time failure treatment took place, medical plaintiff would be at hard time of seeking justice in a foreign legal system for the reason that, of course, citizenship concerns. Americans will definitely be Americans even though they moved to Asia for medical purposes, thus, Asians would definitely control justice in Asia; and Americans will absolutely have the power of justice barely in America.

·         National laws may possibly show a discrepancy from a particular country down to another nation. In the midst of different laws in other country, the legal substitutes designed for the patients or the clients are just minor in number.

·         Legal responsibilities of medical treatment as well as procedure likewise considerably different among countries. For this case, a particular treatment like sex change operations may perchance be legal and available in Thailand but on the other hand, banned and against the law in some of the Christian country like Philippines. In addition to the use of marijuana as drug prescription in other countries, on the contrary, prohibited in some country.

After everything else, maybe it is a good thing to quote what Jeff Schult said in his book discussing about medical tourism entitled “Beauty From Afar: A Medical Tourist’s Guide to Affordable and Quality Cosmetic care Outside the U.S. And he quote, “My sort of blunt advice is that if your primary concern in going to a doctor, surgeon or dentist is whether or not you’re going to have legal recourse if you don’t like the work you get, you shouldn’t go overseas”, thus he assumed.  Read more here.

One more things is, in actual fact, we are not just talking health here, we are also talking about legal accountability of medical tourism which may perhaps weaken its industry if not proceeds its undertaking.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Things to remember before acquiring medical tourism

As you would have not thought, just according to statistics, nearly 750, 000 US residents take a trip to other country for the purpose of health care and medication each year. This almost three-fourth million people who travel abroad in support for medication barely believe that such treatment into a great extent much cheaper in another country via medical tourism, and it is a valid rationalization to do so.

Now, if you likewise planning to undergo medical tourism for treatment intention, then this website would be of great help for your desire before going on.

·         Consult first your medical practitioner. If you are planning to go abroad for medical purposes, be sure to consult first your trusted medical practitioner or your family doctor. Your trusted doctor will discuss to you some pointers you must remember and consider before taking a trip.

·         Communicate with your agent before going at least 2 months before your trip and if possible, make it a personal communication so that your agent will give you details and information regarding of the things you availed on medical tourism industry.
·         Have a background check on the medical institution you will be lied on. Check their procedures as well as the credentials of their institution for you to be safe and sound in the duration of the treatment.

·         Have your plan B, another plan that will make things up if something goes wrong in the midst of treatment procedure. Make your plan be supported by legal actions and settlement so just in case a terrible problem took place, you are insured.

·         Find out the customs and traditions together with the language of the country of where you will go so that you can study how you can communicate with the nurses and doctors there; in order to find out details along with the result of the procedure.

·         Get hold of your local medical records together with your medical history, medicine, vitamins as well as your doctor’s prescription so that you can present it to the medical practitioner who will handle the procedure in the duration of your treatment.

·         Prepare yourself as a whole – emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and financially of course. Decide if you really want to go or else bring the idea of acquiring medical tourism into an end.

·         Last, if the procedure become successful, don’t forget to bring all the documents you need before going home. Documents like copies of procedure treatment, medicine and prescription just like you prepare all of such before travelling abroad.

Listed above are the basic reminders you shall consider before saying “Yes” to medical tourism practice and avoid malpractice. Perchance, these things lend a hand to be prepared and get organized before going abroad for medical intentions.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Top 3 possible risks concerning Medical Tourism

Medical tourism industry continues to soar and known by many patients seeking for health care. As everyone would have known, Americans are the top clients of medical tourism who travel from their country en route to Singapore, Thailand and Mexico – which are among the most popular destinations when talking about medical tourism. It is true that medical tourism offers easier and affordable management of health care, however, there are possible threats and dangers patients perhaps might encounter upon obtaining a particular treatment.
This article will itemize the list of possible risks in lieu of undergoing a medical treatment on a medical tourism facility.

1. Issues on safety and security.

“Don’t talk to strangers” – this was the very common “tag line” for us to avoid probable bad incident which might take place if we hand over our trust at the first time we see other people. Same thing goes by in medical tourism industry. The fact you are giving your trust to the people of whom you are not personally known is totally a danger, not to mention the that you settle them for medical purposes. One more thing is that, what if the customs and traditions of that country you chose to have your treatment are not paralleled with your standard or even with just your typical desire. So, why not have your treatment to the country you know well?

2. Concerns about legal responsibility.

Bear in mind that most if not all of the medical institutions on provision that are providing health care and medication to foreign nationals [not their country’s citizen] carry out their practice with no liability or any other legal responsibility if error took place. Possibly, this was the reason why the practice of medical tourism provides a low-cost medication. If truth be told, firmly this thing shall therefore give alarming signal to the clients of medical tourism.

3. Dilemma on long distance travel when complications turn out.

Many people see medical tourism as a form of recreation and vacation after the achievement of a success operation. Again and again, those people don’t see the setback issues on such long distance travel just to ensure medication. Medical treatment sites an aftermath; therefore patient must be advised to have some rest and break. What if right after the treatment or operation the patient shall go back home due to visa, otherwise legal problem? And worst, what if after going home the patient experiences complication? That’s a big problem for sure.

True, medical tourism gives us benefits, but let us not keep away risks. By the time you experience above-mentioned problems, backing out is not the best solution, other than, facing its consequences.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Medical tourism tips for 2015: The top things you should know

Guest post by Mel

What really is medical tourism? It is where you travel abroad for a less expense of medical treatment. Although take note, do not fall for your own trap of going outside without knowing what is out there and without understanding the risk. True enough that medical tourism is what may help you pay less for your treatment but take note: knowing less just might cost you more.

If you are one of those people who are deeply willing to step outside their country but still on the part of decision making on where to go, then you are on the right place. You know why? Well, it is because we prepared things on what you should look into first before giving a thumbs-up on a place to settle in for your medical treatments.

·        Budget
When planning and looking for a place for your medication, do not merely close your financial parameters on the hospital fees alone. Eventually, you are going to have to eat there, buy medicines, even things for survival. Even in cases where let us say you will be going for a lung surgery, you can’t just base your budget on the surgery alone, you will still need to pay for different medicines, injections and such.

That’s why, our TIP # 1 is:

Do not only bring limited money. Make sure you have enough money you can spare yourself with in cases of emergency.

·        Know your purpose
Going on a vacation and having some kind of fever which leads you to hospital confinement is a totally different story from going to a country for medical purposes in the first place. Knowing your purpose of going around the world is a big way to save time and money. You can have everything planned once you know your main point and purpose of going to a country.

This gives people plenty of time for other minor businesses that is why this brings us to TIP #2:

Know your purpose of going out the country. Take note of the things need and understand why you were there in the first place.

·        Know your insurance
Insurances have different perks, conditions and terms. There are only few, very few insurance companies who will still be liable for the accidents a cardholder holds even outside the country. You do not want to end up going abroad assuming you have your expenses covered through your card.

With this, TIP #3 is up:

If you have forgotten the terms and conditions of your card, ask for a new one or find a way to know if they would cover your medical treatments abroad.

·        Hardcore research

TIP #4:

Do not attack in war without having some plan or not analyzing how your opponent’s tactic goes.

You can’t go abroad without researching about it first. It is a must to do heavy research on the whereabouts, expenses, availability and such of a specific medical treatment.

Take note, if you hear somewhere that a specific place has great medical tourism; do not quickly assume that they have what you need. If you are looking for a heart transplant, for example, make sure they offer it on your destination because not everything is offered everywhere. Otherwise, better choose a different destination.

Photo: Pic Jumbo/Viktor Hanacek

When doing some research, check on the following as main things to look for:
o   Availability – the availability of the treatment you are looking for.
o   Cost – the cost of your treatment.
o   Economy – you also need to look into the place’s economy to know how much more you could budget for yourself.
o   Place – by place we mean the location abroad. If you are comfortable on the location or the surroundings of the pace.
o   Background – run a background check on the place’s medical tourism status.

There you go. We hope you would greatly consider our tips for a better trip outside and for a more stress free routine of seeking medical treatment abroad. We wish you a safe flight! See more medical tourism guides today!