Saturday, May 16, 2015

Top 3 possible risks concerning Medical Tourism

Medical tourism industry continues to soar and known by many patients seeking for health care. As everyone would have known, Americans are the top clients of medical tourism who travel from their country en route to Singapore, Thailand and Mexico – which are among the most popular destinations when talking about medical tourism. It is true that medical tourism offers easier and affordable management of health care, however, there are possible threats and dangers patients perhaps might encounter upon obtaining a particular treatment.
This article will itemize the list of possible risks in lieu of undergoing a medical treatment on a medical tourism facility.

1. Issues on safety and security.

“Don’t talk to strangers” – this was the very common “tag line” for us to avoid probable bad incident which might take place if we hand over our trust at the first time we see other people. Same thing goes by in medical tourism industry. The fact you are giving your trust to the people of whom you are not personally known is totally a danger, not to mention the that you settle them for medical purposes. One more thing is that, what if the customs and traditions of that country you chose to have your treatment are not paralleled with your standard or even with just your typical desire. So, why not have your treatment to the country you know well?

2. Concerns about legal responsibility.

Bear in mind that most if not all of the medical institutions on provision that are providing health care and medication to foreign nationals [not their country’s citizen] carry out their practice with no liability or any other legal responsibility if error took place. Possibly, this was the reason why the practice of medical tourism provides a low-cost medication. If truth be told, firmly this thing shall therefore give alarming signal to the clients of medical tourism.

3. Dilemma on long distance travel when complications turn out.

Many people see medical tourism as a form of recreation and vacation after the achievement of a success operation. Again and again, those people don’t see the setback issues on such long distance travel just to ensure medication. Medical treatment sites an aftermath; therefore patient must be advised to have some rest and break. What if right after the treatment or operation the patient shall go back home due to visa, otherwise legal problem? And worst, what if after going home the patient experiences complication? That’s a big problem for sure.

True, medical tourism gives us benefits, but let us not keep away risks. By the time you experience above-mentioned problems, backing out is not the best solution, other than, facing its consequences.

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