Saturday, August 10, 2013

3 Best Medical Hubs in the World

The cost and expenses of medical procedures and services varies from one country to another. For example, there are some surgeries and other types of operations that are thousands of dollars more costly in the US as compared to the same types of operations offered in other countries, like India. Because of this, people would opt to go to other countries where the procedure they needed to get done can be availed in a much cheaper price. 

They choose to undergo treatments in a foreign land to save themselves a fair amount of money. In the medical field, this occurrence is referred to as Medical Tourism. It plays great role in the tourism department in some other countries that it brings more than 35% of some other country’s visitors. That percentage is not decreasing, with the trend of medical tourism in the world today, this number is increasing. Below are some of the countries that are famous for the medical tourism services they offer, not only because of their cheap and affordable prices but because of the quality health service they give too.


In Asia, South Korea is in the front of the line when it comes to the most advanced in medical procedures. The health care in South Korea is very impressive, offering various surgical operations most advanced not only in Asia but in the entire globe. The doctors in South Korea are very much professionally trained in operating their state of the art facilities and equipment. According to estimates, the South Korea will be expecting more than 300, 000 medical tourists in two years time. 


Brazil is famous worldwide because it has the most number of cosmetic surgeons available. For this reason, the country is claimed to be the second biggest plastic surgery industry in the globe. The supply is high when it comes to plastic surgery making the competition high, because of this, the surgeries comes at a low cost. These kinds of operations that costs at least $3000 in US and $4000-$5000 in Dubai would only cost $2000 in Brazil.


In Costa Rica, the most entertained medical procedures are their dental services. People who are more patient in looking for more affordable places in the country most likely gets to save more. The most interesting thing about Costa Rica is that because of its medical tourism, most especially in the dental industry, the hotels are giving the visiting patients recovery rooms and services where they can relax.

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