Friday, June 14, 2013

What's the Latest in Thailand Medical Tourism Progress?

Despite the rising number of overseas patients choosing medical treatment Thailand, authorities are alarmed that high turnout may not mean a profitable business. Worried about the quality of healthcare services in Thailand, the travel sector says aiming for higher numbers may not be a good path to follow.

Authorities are worried that many agents and hospitals may be too complacent about their offered services and put the overseas patients in bad terms. They’ve said that profit margin should not be the sole basis to gain in the business.

Medical tourism, as a whole, is calling Thailand to further enhance its medical travel sector by offering quality healthcare and adding new services.

One recently concluded survey has researched more than 22 medical agents from the Middle East, USA, and Europe. They say that medical tourism patients are still looking for quality healthcare and innovation when they come to Thailand for treatment.

Based from data gathered from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, there were about 2.4 million visitors from overseas that seek treatment in Thailand and that generated them an income of about 14 billion baht in 2012 alone and that figure continues to rise….

All of us just hope that this rising statistics are not only indicators of medical tourism in Thailand progress but also the improvement of their services. Stay tuned and see the next news about Thailand medical tourism.

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