Saturday, June 29, 2013

Poland: A Future for Medical Tourism

If you think that medical tourism is only popular in Thailand, India, and Singapore, then think again. You might not have heard of Poland, not at all, when it comes to medical tourism. Based from recent studies, Poland surfaces among patients looking for cancer treatment, cardiovascular surgery, and dental procedures, among others.

Both Europeans and Americans have started to realize the importance of medical tourism in the country and make it as one of their choices when deciding to get treatment beyond borders.

It’s related to the recent medical program of the government that aims to make the country as one top destination among tourists seeking for medical treatment abroad. The government missions to make their home a great destination for medical tourists and part of its promotion are a more visible stand to improve diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

"Poland becomes a more visible spot among new players in the medical tourism sector. It becomes a good rival to promote and compete among other established countries such as Thailand, India, and Turkey."

The country is continuing to encourage facility owners and medical practitioners to win medical tourists from other countries such as the United States, Russia, and Germany. In connection, the country has become an active participant in many trade fairs, meetings with the foreign press, and potential investors—all with one aim—to become noticed by foreigners seeking for medical treatment abroad.

Do you think Poland has a future in medical tourism? Write down your comments. For sure the medical tourism community would like to hear what you have to say. 

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