Sunday, November 4, 2012

Medical Tourism Cost

Medical tourism cost shall be compared prior to traveling across shores to get medical treatment.
  • Part of researching is to get instant quotes from medical tourism facilitator. Ask them for packages which can include accommodation, flights, and transfers.
  • Search for the exchange rate and currency of the country so that you’d know how much to spend for medical treatment in that country.
  •  Look for budget airlines which can be really affordable during the off peak travel season. Some choices can be Wizz Air and Sky Europe which can take you to top medical tourism destination like India. Your money can come a long way if you choose cheap flights to your medical treatment destination.
Plenty of good global healthcare deals can be obtained if you would make a research before going abroad for medical treatment. Procedures are likely to be less expensive when done outside the US or the UK. For instance, you can get nose reshaping procedure in Turkey or Egypt for only £1,400+ as compared to the £2900+ you would pay in the UK. For the cheapest choice, go to India and pay only £850 for nose reshaping procedure.

Remember that many medical tourism providers will take you from the airport to the hotel. They will then collect you there for needed appointments. As an option, take a peek at some procedures implemented by other medical tourism operators about transport systems along with cost.

When talking to a medical broker, understand the cost and ask questions right away if there are things not clear for you. For instance, what happens to the cost if you meet complications in the process? Take note that prices may vary from one medical broker to another. Fees may also include hospital fees, medical team, consultations, medicines, and others.

When negotiating, consider talking about the modes of payment. Do they need an advance deposit or advance payment? Do they process money transfers; credit cards, or only accepts cash? Do they accept installment payments? Before hiring a medical tourism broker, validate the contract and make sure that you understand it from the first to the last word.

Clarify everything prior to traveling for global treatment. Include travel visas, passport, travel cost, food, accommodation, phone calls, internet, post operation medicines and tools, and all other expenses before crossing borders for needed medical treatment.

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