Friday, January 25, 2013

Affordable Healthcare for Americans?

In the recent years, President Barack Obama has been popular and very controversial for his affordable healthcare campaign. Of course, he cannot and will not please every American to believe and support him on this. In today’s post, we’ll just be focusing a significant advantage that is said to surface due to this law and that is the “improve access to cheap but quality healthcare.” You have to right to raise your eyebrows. This article is in no way to convince you but just to inform you about it. The final judgment is yours to make. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

Better Healthcare Access

This is what the affordable healthcare tries to make the public believe. According to authorities, the healthcare coverage would improve with this new law. Now, there will be coverage for young professionals and adult who are said to compose about 3.1 million of the American population. They can stay in their parent’s healthcare plan, meaning their parents can now have peace of mind.

Free Preventative Health Screening and Services

This new law, according to authorities would benefit about 54 million people who can receive coverage for preventative healthcare services without having to shell out for deductible and co-pays. So, Americans can get medical visits, screenings, and other medical services which will help them stay fit and healthy. Estimated, there will be about 47 million American women who can avail of healthcare services for free for their insurance policies that are renewed last year.

Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Now, there is the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance policy for more than 80,000 Americans. So, that will help them get affordable healthcare services especially if they’re not insured.
Those are some of the most significant changes in the healthcare sector of the United States which are said to benefit the average Americans.

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