Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Avoiding Stress and Distress in Thailand Medical Tourism

Heading for Thailand medicaltourism? The country is a good choice for treatment especially that the cost is much lower by about fifty percent or even more as compared to what you would normally pay in the United States. However, just like going to other countries for travel, medical tourism, business matters, and other purposes, you should definitely know about the ‘things to avoid in Thailand medical tourism. Check these out:

You’re Mad? Don’t Raise Your Voice or Indemnify a Local

You’ll regret it. Natives do not commonly show rage or shout at each other. Sounds weird? It’s true! You’ll regret shouting since what you’ll be getting is a warm smile. J

Avoid the Joyride Without a Helmet

Do not ride a motorbike without a helmet especially when you’re alcohol-intoxicated. You don’t want to spill your brain on the road, do you? Even Thais who have been riding a motorcycle all their lives meet road accidents. What more?

Do Not Only Dine in Western Food Chains or Restaurants

When it comes to the fusion of the wildest and most aromatic flavors, you cannot discount Thai food, combined with the influence of Asian and Western cuisines, you are surely to calm and suit your hunger and taste buds. Come on! Indulge in Thai food.

Do Not Show ‘PDA’

Thais are normally affectionate, as you would see in their smiles, but many of them do not appreciate PDA. The farthest you should go in showing affection in public is to ‘hold hands.’

Do Not Go Half Naked

If you do not dream of getting ‘Thai’ sunburn and expose your skin to the dread-iest weather of the day, avoid getting naked in the sun. It’s a hell hot in here! Plus, Thais are conservative folks—notice how women dress. You won’t have the chance for cleavage-watching here.

Thailand medical tourism is one of the best choices if you would like to explore Asia (for a different sight). However, beware of these things which may or may not shock you. It all depends on your tolerance for them.
Share your Thailand medical tourism experience below. The Ultimate Medical Tourism Guide community will appreciate to hear your piece of the story.

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