Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Latest about Cosmetic Surgery in Germany

Guest Post by: Phil R.

Today, a lot of discussions and arguments are taking place with regard to the latest about cosmetic surgery in Germany. With regard to it, a new alliance in the government is slowly working their way to create a law that bans cosmetic surgery procedures for minors.

According to the latest reports, Jens Spahn, the Democratic Union’s Health Spokesman, said that it’s totally unacceptable for parents to give their minor age daughter a breast enhancement operation as a Christmas gift.

Well, they do have a point to stop such thing from happening, but if you are someone who is in the right age and is physical and financially able to have a breast enhancement surgery for whatever you may have, no one should stop you from doing so.

In the event that the law is passed in the Germany, you can go to other countries and have that operation as part of your medical tourism trip. Now, what other countries do offer this operation?

Top Countries to Offer Breast Enhancement Operation Legally

When it comes to the countries that you can choose to go to for your medical tourism and breast enlargement operation, you actually won’t run out of options to go to.

When you hire a medical tourism provider, you assure yourself of being able to pursue both the trip and the operation. Check out the following countries that allows this operation.

·         Thailand
·         Philippines
·         India
·         South Africa
·         France

Those countries remain to offer breast augmentation or enlargement processes legally. With it, medical tourism would continuously flow smooth and easy. The latest about cosmetic surgery in Germany should never affect how medical tourism and breast enlargement operations in other countries go freely and smoothly. 

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