Friday, September 21, 2012

Medical Tourism Sources in the Philippines

Looking for medical tourism sources in the Philippines? Check out this post about three of the finest in medical tourism sources in the country.

Medical Tourism Philippines (MTP)

It’s one of the top medical tourism resources in the Philippines that you can depend on for some medical procedures such as dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, weight loss surgery, or dentistry.  They cater to patients who want to come over the Philippines and attend to their medical tourism needs. Aside from that fact, the country is also a top destination among tourists who after their treatment go on a vacation. Visit this website to know more about their offers and services.

Philippine Medical Tourism Site

Some services they offer are hip resurfacing and replacement, lap band, cardiac surgery, fertility evaluation, gastric banding, stem cell treatments, executive check-ups and other healthcare packages. This medical tourism website partners with the best of the best in different areas of the medical tourism sector. These hospitals have their international accreditation and also implement topnotch standards of patient care. Health and Leisure offers you compatible healthcare services that suit your demands and standards. They can help you search for the best doctor to help you with your condition. Even when you get back home, they still take care of post-treatment needs and monitor your test results.

Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. (PMTI)

It’s a company that can provide patients with tailor made and convenient medical tourism packages that are especially designed to a patient’s specific needs. For those seeking for quality yet affordable healthcare abroad, they can visit this website for more information about medical tourism that they have to know. This organization is led by professional people who are experts in management in the healthcare sector. PMTI has extensively researched on the rising medical tourism in the Philippines and have envisioned the country to be one of the best in the world.  They’re affiliated with the best of the best specialty clinics, hospitals, resorts, and hotels in the country. They always seek to expand their partnership with medical facilities to continue its vision of improving their offers on medical tourism integration services.

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