Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stem Cell, Science, and Medical Tourism: Best Disease Treatment?

Around the world, the controversy of stem cell is obvious but science and medical tourism aren’t giving up on it. Many countries are looking to take it further to the next level while others are mouth-shut about it. Some medical applications have included stem cell in disease treatment. In the future, more advancement is expected to take place in the field of medical tourism which involves stem cell. Scientists see more potential in the functions of stem cell and how it could treat diseases.

Medical Tourism, Stem Cell, and Drug Testing

In addition to human development and cell-based treatment, scientists can also use stem cell for testing new drugs not on human but on it. Before testing the new medicine on animals or humans, stem cells can be used to test the effects of it.

Medical Tourism, Stem Cell, and Cell-based Treatment

In the future, stem cell could further develop tissues and cells in therapies to prolong man’s life. Normally, organs and tissues are donated to treat dysfunctional or damaged tissues or organs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who wait for organ or tissue transplant, so some of them die before they can have their transplant.

Medical Tourism, Stem Cell, and Human Development

Scientists see the potential of stem cell research in medical tourism when it comes to better understanding of human development in the womb.  Soon, scientists would have the chance to see how errors in human cells occur.

Stem cell can also be a source of cells of replacement to cure illness which in turn can reduce mortality and morbidity. Some illnesses that can benefit from stem cell in medical tourism are Type I diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, burns, ageing, gene therapy, leukemia, and others.

Stem cell, science, and medical tourism—what other advancements can we look forward to? Is there a chance that stem cell will soon be approved for use all over the world? Is it the solution to treat deadly and incurable diseases such as AIDS, leukemia, and others? Tune in for more updates on this breakthrough. What about you? Are you in favor of stem cell in medical tourism?

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