Saturday, June 7, 2014

BRCA1 Mutation and Angelina Jolie

What is the Angelina Jolie effect after a year when she disclosed her plans of having a preventive mastectomy? The Hollywood fame revealed that her life comes with challenges, which should not affect how she should make a good decision and take on.  For fans and followers, it was a blockbuster hit that she decided to have her breasts remove to prevent cancer.

She said that it was her medical choice to undergo such procedure being in a family with a history of ovarian and breast cancer and that it was after the BRCA1 mutation in her genes, which increased her risk of acquiring cancer.  To prevent the disease, she had to undergo double mastectomy. She also expressed  intentions of having surgery of removing her ovaries common for women who are suffering from a BRCA gene mutation.    

Her doctors revealed her risk of up to 87 percent to breast cancer and 50 percent to ovarian cancer.  Once she learned of such risks, she  decided to prevent acquiring any of such diseases by doing preventive measures. Many experts praised Jolie for her courage and determination, but others worried it might cause a panic among women who want to be screened for such gene mutation, considering that such procedure is  very expensive.

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