Thursday, August 14, 2014

How Medical Tourism Affects Asian Countries

Medical tourism is a growing industry in many Asian countries today including Thailand, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Foreign patients from all over the world travel to Asia to get top-notch medical treatment in affordable tourism packages. Most patients that visit Asia are from Canada, England other European countries and the States. Among the treatments offered in Asian medical tourism are cardio surgery, major transplants, cosmetic surgeries, joint, knee and hip replacement, reproductive services, and the latest stem cell treatment.

The Economic Change.The sudden growth of medical tourism industry affects Asian countries – especially to their economies. With foreign visitors coming to Asia, people discover the natural and cultural attractions in the region, thus improving tourism and generating direct and indirect local employment. Medical tourism enlivens tourism attractions, bringing direct foreign currency exchange and earnings.

Medical tourism also fuels workforce for many locals.Employment rate went down as people land to numerous jobs including cab services, hotels, restaurants and beach resorts accommodation attendants. Some of them are found as tour guides, medical assistants, spa and massage practitioners. Most important of all, a huge part of existing healthcare workersare able to keep their jobs.  

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