Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Benefits and Safety of Stem Cells

Stem cells play vital roles in the development of our body, starting from embryonic growth through adulthood. Dr. Marc Hedrick of the UCLA School of Medicine said that “Stem cells are like kids who, when they grow up, can enter a variety of professions. A child might become a fireman, a doctor or a plumber depending on the influences in their life or environment. In the same way, these stems cells can become many tissues through certain changes in their environment.”

Today, new field of science is focusing on stems cells called Regenerative Medicine. Since stem cells can be bones, cartilage, muscles and other kind of cells, they have the possibility to cure many sicknesses such as:

  • Genetic Deficiencies – stem cells has the ability to cure imperfections that are already present from birth by repairing functions and health with the aid of normal and healthy cells
  • Heart attack - a patient suffering from this can have the damage tissue changed by a healthier muscles cells
  • Parkinson's disease - The damage of brain cells are expected to be reversed with the replacement of fresh, vigorous and active brain cells
  • Burn- Scientists are aiming to find and remove exact cells from a tissue and prompt them to distinguish outside the body before transplanting them into the patience body to replace destroyed tissues. A small piece of skin can be grown for the doctors to use in covering a larger burn in the patience body.

Aside from treating these diseases other benefits of stem cells are using them in order to regenerate organs which reduce the need for organ transplant.
Meanwhile, for over 40 years the transplants of adult stem cells also known as the transplants of bone marrow adult stem cell transplants have been utilized successfully to cure different kinds of cancers including myeloma, lymphomas and leukemia. Now, an increase in adult stem cell therapy is showing great potentials in the areas of skin and wound healing.

Though stem cell has proven itself through the years a lot of people are still questioning its safety. According to the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) the use of your stem cells should be regulated because though your cells are less likely to be prohibited by your immune system, this does not essentially mean that the cells are harmless to be used as a therapeutic treatment. The procedure used to separate, modify, raise and transfer the cells may alter them which may cause infection or may introduce unknown threats.

Transferring the cells on which they have initially originated may contain unexpected danger, problem or worst unpredictable results. 

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