Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Red Flags of Medical Tourism Facilitators to Watch OUT

Medical tourism is a fast growing business in many countries nowadays. Numerous medical tourism facilitators are popping online claiming that they offer the best medical assistance you need. Most of them have promising testimonials and claims that anyone would fall for. However, you must be very watchful and avoid several things when choosing a medical tourism facilitator. Here are few of them.

•             Avoid too promising agents. Each agency or facilitator has its own claims and promises to making patients well. You must weigh the possibility of each claim and verify its validity before falling into it.
•             Avoid very low-priced offers. Everyone is claiming that they offer the most affordable medical treatments but you must also consider the quality of each facilitator offers. Very low-priced medical treatments, especially when conducted in a foreign country can signify sub-standard quality results.
•             Avoid too aggressive medical facilitators. Some facilitators tend to be very insistent whenever you showed interest to their medical offer. This action might add pressure on you and you won’t be able to weigh your options.

Medical tourism facilitators’ job is to sign clients but they must also be accountable to every part of the contract agreement, together with the hospital or wellness center that offers the treatment.

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